Meet the FIMS team at IBC2015

During the show there will a FIMS open meeting, which will provide an opportunity for both newcomers and current participants to learn about all the latest developments and future plans. It will start at 11:00 on Sunday morning and will last 2 hours. The venue will be the Madison meeting room at the Holiday Inn, near the RAI station. The address is “De Boelelaan 2 , Amsterdam, 1083 HJ”.

FIMS presentations and advice from a range of experts will again be available at the EBU Village (stand 10.F20) during IBC2015, held at the RAI Exhibition Centre, Amsterdam, from Fri 11th to Tue 15th Sep.

Supplier Product Stand number
Aspera Aspera Orchestrator (FIMS plugin) 7.B27
Cube-Tec International Cube Workflow and MXF Legaliser 5.C41
Dalet Dalet Brio FIMS Capture Service 8.B77
FileCatalyst FileCatalyst FIMS Transfer API 7.H37
Glookast Glookast Ingester and Glookast Capturer 7.D03
IBM IBM Archive and Essence Manager 13.MS22
IPV Limited Curator Device Director 8.D41
Marquis Broadcast MEWS (Medway Engine Web Service) 2.A58
SDVI Corporation AWS 14N29
Signiant Media Shuttle 14.L08
Tixel TIXstream 7.B01
Vizrt Viz One 7.A20
Xytech Systems Mediapulse 6.C22

Presentation Schedule

Friday, September 11

15:00 Mikros Image, FIMS REST implementation guidelines, Thomas Eskenazi

15:30 Mikros Image, FIMS integration use cases, Nicloas Provost

Saturday, September 12

11:00 Mikros Image, FIMS REST implementation guidelines, Thomas Eskenazi

11:30 Mikros Image, FIMS integration use cases, Nicloas Provost

14:00 Matthieu Fasani, Dalet, Brio’s FIMS Capture interface and other plugins


Roman Mackiewicz – Bloomberg use case


FIMS Update – Loic Barbou, Triskel


Richard Cartwright, Quantel

16:00 Brad Gilmer, AMWA, open source platform for FIMS

Sunday, September 13

14:00 Mikros Image, FIMS REST implementation guidelines, Thomas Eskenazi

14:30 Mikros Image, FIMS integration use cases, Nicloas Provost

15:00 FIMS Automatic Metadata Extraction Project report, Gaurav Bhasin, Triskel

Monday, September 14

11:00 Signiant, Allan Yates

11:30 Mikros Image, FIMS REST implementation guidelines, Thomas Eskenazi

12:00 Mikros Image, FIMS integration use cases, Nicloas Provost

13:30 EIDR & FIMS, Pierre-Anthony Lemieux

14:00 Vizrt, Viz One – RESTful APIs and FIMS, Ximena Araneda

14:30 Cube-Tec, EBU QC and FIMS-QA integration, Jörg Houpert

15:00 RAI, FIMS 1.2 Content Part support, Giorgio Dimino

15:30 Tixel/Cube-Tec – A globally accessible FIMS-based media QC and Repair Service – Status Q3-2015, Jörg Houpert (Cube-Tec), Lars Fürst (TIXEL)

FIMS at 2015 NAB Show

Check out the schedule of FIMS events at NAB.

Thanks to our Sponsors!

The FIMS Executive Webinar August 20th at 11:00EDT / 17:00CEST

Why attend?

The landscape of the electronic media business is changing, both in terms of the consumers and in how they expect to be served. The future is hard to predict as devices evolve and diversify, making it difficult to plan a cost effective strategy.

Traditional broadcast systems are not well suited to the modern environment. They are expensive to buy, difficult to extend or adapt and don’t integrate well with business systems.

A new approach is required – one which provides solutions that are quick, flexible and cost effective. This new approach should deliver content quickly, economically and flexibly, allowing media companies to easily adapt to a changing environment – while simultaneously enabling business monitoring in order to support strategic planning. The Framework for Interoperable Media Services (FIMS) can deliver substantial business benefits in these respects. Much work has been done to prove that FIMS systems operate and integrate well. But discussions have been largely at a technical level.

This seminar is for a non-technical audience and explains the business benefits of FIMS in the rapidly evolving media environment.

Who should attend the webinar?

Media companies

CIOs, CEOs, CFOs and COOs
All senior strategists who are keen to increase the responsiveness, flexibility and cost management of their organisation


Senior management who would like to improve their understanding of the challenges faced by media companies
Any staff who need to align their product and service offerings to match customer needs

What will you gain?

Knowledge of the context in which FIMS has been developed
A high level understanding of the differences of traditional and FIMS architectures
The business benefits of adopting this new flexible approach including
– Adapting to evolving customer demands
– Improving production efficiency
– Reducing costs and minimizing financial risk
– Shifting from capital to operational expenditure
– Improving technology decisions and implementation

A brief list of media companies who are planning or using FIMS
Advice on how to migrate to a FIMS architecture

Please join us

We welcome you to join us on August 20th at 11:00EDT / 17:00CEST.

Please register via this link You will be sent joining instructions a few days before the event.

FIMS returns to NAB 2014.

We were delighted to be invited back to the NAB Labs Futures Park at NAB2014. Throughout the show there were a wide range of presentations and demonstrations of FIMS in action from both media companies and vendors.

Check out the schedule of FIMS events at NAB.


FIMS at IBC2013

FIMS will return again the RAI exhibition centre for IBC2013.

During the show, there will be presentations at 14:30 each day at the EBU Village theatre in Hall 10, stand 10.F20. This will provide an opportunity to learn how Service Oriented Architectures can be employed in a broadcast environment and get up to date on the latest developments.

There will be a special session “How FIMS helped Bloomberg’s Business” at the IBC’s Workflow Solutions theatre in Hall 9. Speakers will be Roman Mackiewicz (Bloomberg), Loic Barbou (Triskel) and Jean-Pierre Evain (EBU). The session will explain how the adoption of a FIMS architecture allowed Bloomberg to achieve substantial business and operational improvements – a fine example of real world benefits.

Full details of all the IBC Workflow Solutions sessions can be found on the IBC website

Also join us just before this session at 11:00 on Friday for a press announcement about the next developments of a real application of a FIMS infrastructure.

During the show there will be specialists in many aspects of FIMS, either at the EBU Village or on the stands of the exhibitors who are participating in this project. If you need advice on who to speak to, please go to the EBU Village where someone will be able to help.

We look forward to seeing you in Amsterdam!

FIMS returned to NAB 2013.

We were delighted to be invited back to the future technology area at NAB2013. We were located in the North Hall on booth N1434 in the NAB Labs Futures Park and shared the latest FIMS advances with many booth visitors.

Check out the calendar of FIMS events at NAB.


AMWA and EBU joint project wins coveted IBC Judges’ Prize

The Framework for Interoperable Media Services is a new approach to IT-based broadcast production technologies

Amsterdam, 24 August 2012: A joint project between the Advanced Media Workflow Association (AMWA) and the European Broadcast Union (EBU) that will enable broadcasters to save money and work smarter has won the prestigious Judges’ Prize at the International Broadcasting Convention, in Amsterdam. The IBC2012 Awards Ceremony will be held in the RAI Auditorium at 18:30, Sunday, September 9.

The Framework for Interoperable Media Services (FIMS) is an open standard for Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) for media that overcomes expensive, disruptive incompatibilities in IT-based broadcast production technologies.

IT-based solutions are supplanting dedicated video and audio equipment as broadcasters seek media format flexibility, extensive metadata management and cost reduction through the use of general purpose PCs and networks. FIMS allows media organisations to move away from the tightly-coupled architecture of existing systems to a loosely-coupled structure that takes advantage of modern thinking in the design of complex IT systems.

A media factory based on the concepts of FIMS and SOA delivers a flexible system that can readily adapt to future delivery formats and platforms.

The project has now successfully delivered the FIMS 1.0 specification, which is already operational at Bloomberg.

Brad Gilmer, Executive Director of the AMWA said: “The AMWA is extremely pleased to see the IBC recognize this project not only for what it is achieving, but also for the fact that it moved quickly.

The industry is at a point where it needs relevant, business-driven specifications which are timely. We congratulate Bloomberg as an early adopter of FIMS, and we congratulate our partners, the EBU, and other FIMS team members. We look forward to others joining Bloomberg soon in implementing Media Service Oriented Architectures.”

Chairman of the IBC Innovation Awards, Michael Lumley, said: “IBC values sharing knowledge above all else, and in developing practical standards so quickly, the FIMS partners had to share their knowledge if the resulting standards were going to be robust enough to be useful globally. I am delighted that we can honour AMWA and EBU for their efforts in driving the FIMS project.”

The Judges’ Prize is one of a number of awards presented during IBC each year, and typically presented for innovative projects which have particular creative, technical or commercial imagination.

For a greater understanding of the FIMS project, AMWA experts and materials will be available at the Workflow Solutions Village in hall 9 at IBC, September 7-11. The FIMS project will also be featured at the EBU Village, stand 10.F20.

FIMS Newsletter (Jan 2012)

FIMS reaches an exciting crossroads: Help set the next direction!

How can FIMS help your business?

For over a year, the AMWA and the EBU have been working together on a Framework for Interoperable Media Services (FIMS) which will enable more flexible workflows and allow greater efficiencies in the program making process.